every festival day from 17:00 to 23:00

It's hard to imagine a Kamfest without concerts and an incredible festival atmosphere. An integral part of the festival has become a fair, which has been produced by Diversity - express yourself throughout many years. The fair returns to its old, original location. The main square will be decorated with tables, full of unique products, all the way to Samčev tunnel, which in addition to accurate workmanship also carries exceptional stories.

Before you go to one of the concerts or just to the hard-earned beer, you can afford to bag your eye on interesting products of friendly sellers, who will surely let you take a  brief glance and find something for yourself,  for the chosen one or for a friendly neighbor. You can visit the every day from 17:00. 



The children's stage this year will turn its back on Keršmanac after a few years, since it found it’s place in the center of Kamnik, where he used to be. The youngest will add to the re-animation of the festival city, as they will run and jump over the pavements of the Main Square, enjoy some ice cream, and also watch the show.

The festival is created for people and thus Kamfest takes care of all the structures of the population. Not only for music and the enjoyment of the elderly, but also for the youngest. Children's stage, as usually, means the beginning of the festival day. Before the afternoon siesta will awaken the rest of the venues, the youngest will be entertained in the middle of the city and will follow closely what the festival has prepared for them this time.

every day at 18.00 on the Main Square

Friday, August 9: Čupakabra: Pirates, circus show

There is a pirate ship with three more or less bearded pirates in Kamnik. This time, the expedition appears to be the most important and most dangerous adventure ever. According to them, the pirate treasure is hidden right in the middle of the square.   


Saturday, 10. 8.: Teja and Mš: Ješ, jež?, a play for children

Have you ever met hedgehogs that rap? Who dance and tell jokes? If you have not, then it is time to go with Pavlo and Viktor to the adventure from the forest to the city, where the road is waiting for them! And what's with this bag beside it? And what's in it? So many questions ...


Sunday, August 11th:   Black Star Acrobats: Lavorji (Ghana), acrobatic-juggling performance

Everyday tasks such as cooking or dishwashing are boring, so they need to be spiced up, so it's easier to get through hard African days, especially because the water supply in Ghana is not a self-evident thing. It's time to have fun!


Monday, 12. 8: Andrej Tomše: Po klobuk, circus show

The man with a hat and a walking stick moves from the screen of a silent movie to the street where he gathers and entertains his audience, then fascinates with light juggling and gentle magic. Po klobuk is a show of relaxed physical clowns that entertains children and excites adults.


Tuesday, 13. 8: KUD Kiks: Didl Dadl Dum, an improvised children's play

Did you eat fish or butter with bread this morning? Is your favorite animal dinosaur or lizard, or do you prefer plants? Have you met your favorite ice cream maker today and bought your friend a flower? All this can be a single theatrical performance that we will prepare according to your wishes.


Wednesday, 14. 8.: Zavod Vitkar: Cirkus na mesec, circus show

The Cirkus na mesec show, consists of a series of shorter performances that form a rounded story through dance - on the ground and in the air, on the fabric and on the ring. The colorful collage of the circus' extravagant points tells a story that can be understood even if it is said without words.  


Thursday, 15. 8: Čupakabra: Cirkus Kolibri, circus performance

Juggling is not magic! Hokus experiment, abrakadabra, here comes Čubarkapa. Dynamic circus performance full of attractive juggling points, acrobatic music inserts and stuntman magic. The play that spills from the stage and with magic sweeps over the whole space.


Friday, 16. 8.: Dance School Kazina: Oni, dance performance

The dance performance, which needed a pinch of circus magic, in order to show its best, speaks of people who, in their own way, with their culture, ideas and sparks in their eyes, enrich our lives. It tries to show that there is no need to respond to the negative (with negativity).


Saturday, 17. 8.: Mini Cirkus Buffeto: Kolesar, clown performance

Clown Buffeto likes to ride a bike. Therefore, he will also present masterful use and riding with, at least in appearance, a completely regular bicycle. Since Buffeto is not a very ordinary cyclist, spectators can prepare for many surprises!



The Kamfest passed the the Mekinje Monastery threshold a few years ago and encountered a courtyard behind its megalomaniac façade. In the revival of this ancient scene, this year's scene is again proudly presented also by Kamfest as the festival relationship between ancient times and modernity will be found again engraved in the structure of the walls.

The program is vibrant and enjoyable; the audience is coming from close, further, and also from distant places. Even if the monastery program maybe is not internationally recognized, the local host team and artists promise to bring the visitors to unprecedented heights within the time span of seven days. You will also have to make a bit of effort, as it will take a bit to reach the hill!

This year's monastery stage is the venue that will host the majority of people. There is certainly enough space for dancing; besides, there will be no Kamnik's river, where you could talk about the weather and the Iranian nuclear program, but you can debate beside the wall, or pour out your heart to a girl under the tree. With the rhythms of music, of course.

In the events that will take place on the Monastery stage, you will be charged an entrance fee at the area. We see it rather as a kind of festival tolar, which ensures the quality of the festival to grow. You probably know how this works - from a mathematical perspective, we can say that the desire and eagerness for festival growth is not disproportionate to the burdensome costs. So, take those few euros more like a support or contribution, the educators would say that this is the 3rd pillar.

from 10 to 16 August at 8.30 pm in the Mekinje Monastery

Saturday, 10. 8: Janez Bončina Benč, legendary rock'n'roll  

Janez Bončina Benč is a music giant in all respects. A versatile artist and author of numerous music hits undoubtedly influenced the development of Slovene popular music. »Maja z biseri«, »Gvendolina«, »Ob šanku«, »Kadar ognji dogorijo«, »Ta noč je moja« , songs only a few hits, which he has released throughout his more than 50 years long career that led him outside the borders of Slovenia. He worked in the bands of Helioni, Srce, with the Mladi Levi, eventually even

planted the roots of the Slovenian pop rock in the sixties, and in 1975 he founded the group named September Yugoslavian musicians. Welcome to the energetic rock'n'roll adventure.

Entrance fee: EUR 8 in pre-sales / EUR 10 on the day of the event *


Sunday, 11. 8: Janez Dovč & Sounds of Slovenia, Slovenia's harmony  

Sounds of Slovenia is a multimedia project representing the Slovene folk tradition in contemporary and live performances. Musicians developed a special sense of counterpoint between the different musical traditions and the freedom of personal expression. At the end of the new century, it is no longer merely a Renaissance, but a resonance of space, not only for soundness, but for coherence, not just for harmony, but for co-harmony. Janez Dovč and his band will certainly be this year's delight for music gourmets.

Entrance fee: EUR 12 in pre-sales / EUR 15 on the day of the event *


Monday, 12. 8.: Rudi Bučar and Istrabend , the sounds of Istria

Rudi Bučar visited many villages to gather songs that slowly sink into oblivion and transform them into modern arrangements. Lately, he focuses primarily on researching his own soul to find the musical compositions, parallels of which can be found in folk melodies. This time, his gang »Istrabend« will join him at the Monastery stage. The sounds will lead us to a journey through narrow paved streets, in which in the middle of the afternoon sun there is a cold shelter, the smell of sea and salt, and the taste of honey fig brings us to a diverse landscape not far away.  

Entrance fee: 10 EUR in pre-sales / EUR 12 on the day of the event *


Tuesday, August 13th: Slavko Ivancic, evergreen pop rock

45 years, it's not a short period of time, and so many years of musical creation behind, has the great singer, Slavko Ivančić. In his rich career as a singer in the group Grupa Vivak, he released his first record.  He was happy to spend the years floating in musical waters, and he was led by groups (including Faraoni and Bazar) and musical ensembles klape. At the turn of the Millennium, he uncompromisingly began his own independent journey. Slavko returned to the musical stage more powerful than ever, and accompanied his life path with the release of the new album »Med valovi in oblaki«.

Entrance fee: EUR 8 in pre-sales / EUR 10 on the day of the event *


Wednesday, 14. 8. Severa Gjurin & Dejan Lapanja and Uroš Rakovec, an evening of guitar-vocal goodwill  

This time, Severa Gjurin presents herself with guitar style with two recognizable guitarists in the evening, which announces a quiet vocal maneuver, minimalism and a mix of three guitar characters. They are bound to form, songs, text, and at the same time the possiblity to go completely elsewhere. Severa works with Uroš Rakovec and Dejan Lapanja, but this time they exclusively use the Minimal music approach. Welcome to an evening of authorial music and guitar-vocal softness.

The event is organized in cooperation with the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik.

Entrance fee: 10 EUR in advance / EUR 12 on the day of the event *


Thursday, 15. 8: Gregor Ftičar Trio Clock, jazz treat

Entrance fee: EUR 8 in pre-sales / EUR 10 on the day of the event *


Friday, 16. 8: Orlek, knap'n'roll

In the heart of the mining area, in the heart of Slovenia, a band was formed, which took its name from the hill located on the outskirts of Zagorje. Their music is an original mix of rock'n'roll, a kind of folk punk, polka rock. Orlek is a versatile instrumental ensemble, which, in addition to the traditional rock music, includes a blasting section and a harmonica. The specialty of the group are texts that are socially humorously colored, with many expressions typical for mining life and work. "Bot rajsr, pa prlet, mat' kurja!"

Entrance fee: EUR 8 in pre-sales / EUR 10 on the day of the event *


* Sales of tickets at www.mojekarte.si and sales points in the system mojekarte.si. The entrance fee can also be paid at the entrance to the venue.



Where the once terrible storm was supposed to split into two mighty hills, the land was inhabited by a man. In August, he would travel in darkness with a torch and candles, so that the light of the candles was reflected from the surface with the moon. Many years have passed since the Roman Empires to Kamfest. There were times of change, and the former images of life remained only as a reflection and remembrance of those times.

In his 16 years of life, Kamfest grew, developed, and sought many ways to bring people content that goes beyond the flavor of today's instant life. This year's festival returns to the city center with a raised head. In the place where Tito himself was supposedly working out, the so-called City Stage will come out with freshness and boldness, which will settle down loudly behind the Veronika Café. With its content, it could be labeled as the Smörgåsbord of Kamnik.

Every day at 21.00 behind the Veronika Café

Friday, 9. 8: Veja (Croatia), world music

Ethno group Veja comes from Pazin and explores and performs traditional music of the Istrian peninsula in a modern way. They gain inspiration and motivation from music that has filled the lives of their ancestors and gives it fresh energy. With the sounds of original instruments, they brought their music to different parts of the world, and this time they will open our City Stage with their songs.  


Saturday, 10. 8: Manca Berlec, Cantor Pop

Manca Berlec is one of the most exciting new names on the domestic music scene, and in Kamnik, she is already a well-known musician. Her still fresh plates serves with summer-acoustic compositions, which occasionally reminds on jazz. They are mature and emotional, and texts deviate from social norms and reveal curiosity, tenderness, and sincerity.


Sunday, August 11th: Svemirko (Croatia), emo-macho pop

At first hearing their music sounds like we listen to it on the cassette player - in the mid-eighties. You would never say that this music is generated by boys born in the nineties. Last year, Svemirko was entrenched as the modern prince of the retro ex-yu sound, where the synthesizing sounds of the eighties, the groovy bass and the pure guitar submerged in the chorus effect reign. They upgraded it with increased use of electronics, in particular the rhythm of machines, and more by using synths.


Monday, 12. 8.: Full Moon Collective, fusion jazz

Full Moon Collective is a music group, which is the fruit of the bloom of the modern Slovenian club scene. At the initiative of saxophonist Lovro Ravbar, several established musicians joined the collective, a concept of which is a group improvisation, inspired by the influence of the full moon. Such improvisations soon formed compositions based on distinctive rhythms and modal patterns.


Tuesday, August 13: Same babe, alternative chanson  

From the very beginning, Same babe did not identify themselves with a specific ganre, but they played the skiffle sound of the four-member acoustic group. Recently, they have been working in an expanded six-member band, which has allowed them to expand the soundtrack - from intimate a cappella and acoustic-minimalist compositions to a full-blooded rock, often with admixtures of jazz and funk.


Wednesday, 14. 8: (Izštekani) Haiku Garden, Shoegaze

Haiku Garden is a Ljubljana shoegaze / neopsihedelic band that plays loud and noisy guitar music with pop-ups. They played everywhere: from Moscow to Liverpool, they also visited Spain. They return after a few years to Kamfest with their distinctive noisy sound, which comes to Kamnik almost directly from the Izštekani and with the renewed rocky start.


Thursday, 15. 8. Katja Šulc: Kamlisajlan, world electronic

Kamlisajlan is dedicated to the Roma poetry of poets from the Balkans and Eastern Europe and is colored with folk and world music, is repetitive and hypnotic. The project attracts with its exceptional, universal poetics, with an exciting sound of language and the fact that this poetry is part of a endangered literature. It combines the best from the world of world music, folk and electronic genres.


Friday, 16. 8: Nikki Louder and China Traffic, noise and garage sound aesthetics

The loudest local band is uncompromising and dedicated to its sound. Ours. Yours. Theirs. Nikki Louder is a Slovenian synonym for noise rock. Full stop. They will be on stage alongside China Traffic - the redheads of the youthful thunderous indie songwriting come from the city garages with a simple recipe of pieces to sing, emphatic texts and shocking appearances.


Saturday, 17. 8: Leni Kravac, alter turbo-folk

Leni Kravac is an alter turbo-folk band that mixes everything. Everything! From drum'n'bass to jazz and funk, to pop, rock and hip-hop - with the passion and power of the Balkan temperament. They began their journey in 2011 as a three-member band without vocals. Through the years they developed and grew into a seven-member collective that performs unusual Balkan fusion, and the music patterns are being searched for in all corners of the world.



Kamfest's mobile stage continues its journey this year, where it suddenly appears and never stays for long. If it explored the more or less distant places of the Kamnik municipality last year and discovered some promising venues, then this year it directs his attention back to the center of the city and its prospective premises.

The mobile stage will explore the gardens of the Franciscan Monastery and the Dika Gallery, and for the moment, rent a children's and cinema scene on the Main Square. Perhaps it will climb to the Small Castle and stay at his top for a moment, under the canopies. It will bite into the Cool (inaric) Fridays and stop at the lapidary of the Castle of Zaprice. And we will find it in another places, too.

every day somewhere else

Friday, August 9th: Park Europe at 18:00, Kul Friday, a culinary experience

This year's summer Cool Fridays have returned to Europe Park, which combines excellent culinary creations of local caterers in one place. Altogether, it is supported by good music, which allows visitors to hang out for a long time in the night. The Super Kamnik project is also an integral part of Kamfest this year, and the entire mix ensures that food and music will make them even more delicious.  

              The event is organized in cooperation with ZTŠKK.


Friday, August 9th: The main square at 19.00, Godba Stranje , the brass band

              Who in Kamnik does not know Stranje band and their special woodwind instruments? The meeting brings together the joy of playing music and the extraordinary energy that volunteers are spreading among the listeners. Although their instruments are not ordinary or common ones, they want to show them and perform while creating a variety of music with them.


Saturday, August 10th: Main Square at 18.30, Duo Aritmija & Miha Erič, music of the world

The guitarist duo, Tilen Stepišnik and Šemsudin Dino Džopa, together create energy, breadth and compactness. This is based on their close musical cooperation, while the arrangements rely on only two guitars. In their music, the elements of rock, jazz, classical music and flamenco intertwine, and rhythmically they rely on the tradition of Balkan folk music.

The event is organized in cooperation with the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik.


Sunday, August 11th: Main square at 22.00, Tadej Droljc and Elías Merino: Synspecies, audiovisual installation

              Synspecies - a joint project of men from Kamnik and Spain - draws inspiration from virtual ecologies and envrionments or endangered biotopes that arise from the interaction of coexisting entities with emptiness. Audiovisual objects are cross-pollinated, mutated, adapted and struggling for their space and existence. They create a world of unrealistic physical expectations, which is constantly battered by brute force.

The event is organized in cooperation with the Municipal Cinema Domžale.


Monday, August 12th: Lapidary of the Castle Zaprice at 19.30, Irena Tomažin: Crying Games, solo performance

Irena Tomažin performs in dance, theater performances, vocal performances and concerts of experimental improvised music. Under the museum arcades she will present a solo voice and voice recorder called iT, which created the Crying games record.

The event is organized in cooperation with the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik.


Tuesday August 13th: Gallery Dika at 19.00, Drajnarjuva vampa, socially critical chanson

              Brothers Tomaž and Jernej Hostnik began to enrich their rich musical knowledge with Chanson, Waits' approach to the creation of authorial music. From Tomaž's dialectal texts, containig hymn humor, sharp social critique, obscure folk metaphor, shrill vocals and melodious ideas reveal that he is a master storyteller.

The event is organized in cooperation with the Fine Arts Society Senožeti.


Wednesday, August 14th: Main Square at 19.00, Kamnik Symphony, Serious Music

In one afternoon, we will leave the Main Square to serious instrumentalists and return for the moment to the time of Rudolf Maister and the Vienna Waltz.


Thursday, August 15th: Korobač at 21.00, Evening of black humor, stand up, 16+

Black humor is returning to the scene of crime, along with inappropriate jokes, sarcasm and cynicism, and political incompetence. The comedians whistle on what is appropriate, and look forward to seeing hell, where everyone will go, because we laugh at the one that we (in reality) should not. The performance is NOT suitable for children and people who are overly sensitive and resentful.

              The event is organized in cooperation with Korobač, Kamnik's original.


Friday, August 16th: Park Europe at 6 pm, Cool Friday, a culinary experience

Also, the other Cool Friday will be in the Europe Park in the name of food and drink. And of music, of course. The venue is fine, the offer is also very good, and that is a good recipe to enter the last day of the festival in the company of first-class flavors, musical rhythms and other visitors.

              The event is organized in cooperation with ZTŠKK.


Friday, August 16th: the Franciscan Monastery garden at 19:00, Gregor Čušin: The Gospel according to Čušin, monocomedium.

As the author says, this is the gospel, spoken in a seriously awkward way. Or to the extremely serious. According to Čušin. As a Catholic, he wanted to speak to the Catholics, to ask Jesus a few questions that may have tormented anyone else. Above all, he wanted to raise his voice about some more or less current events in a pleasant and humorous way, because he believes in a laughing God.  

              The event is organized in cooperation with the Society of St. Jakob.


Saturday, August 17th: Kamnik Streets at 19.30, bArka, street parade

              In the sea of ​​mankind, a boat of life sails. Urban space is a living organism. And street theater is good for him. Therefore, at the end of this year's Kamfest you are all invited to the bArka, the final street procession. It will symbolically connect the public space, which is still provided by Kamnik streets and markets. The interaction of spectators and performers, locals and travelers of all kinds will surely show Kamnik in a cultural and urban light.



The park of youth is a space that is not a new thing in Kamfest, but this year again in the Europe Park it will rise as a phoenix from the ashes. It is a corner that young people prepare for young people and those who are slightly older. In the park, after a long and hot day, it will be possible to unwind and relax with the music of various bands, as well as DJs, who will serve an interesting assortment of different types of music. It will not go without various pressures and interesting spectrum of the accompanying program, which will be directed ecologically and will prove that it is not necessary to be addicted to chocolate or something more powerful to have a great time. The selection and implementation of the Youth Park Program, which will be on program on the selected days from 17.00 to 23.00, is being prepared by the Youth Council Kamnik.


ImproKamFest: International impro festival

Kamfest will also organize an international impro festival this year in the middle of the event. An international band of improvisers is coming back, which will again take care of the abdominal muscles and proudly display their improvisational skills. You will participate in epic friendly matches between the locals and the rest of the world, we will be looking for the Maister around the city and, in many other ways, everyting will be improvised spontaneously. The festival will be hosted by Puline Calme (France), Omar Galvan (Argetina), Láďa Karda (Czech Republic).

ImproKamFest will take place on the platform in front of the Culture House in Kamnik from 11 to 14 August. In case it rains, the performances will be transferred under the roof.

Sunday, 11. 8.  

at 21.00 - Opening impro competition: Slovenia vs. the World

at 23.00 - Informal program: Evening of spontaneous songs


Monday, 12. 8.  

at 20.00 - a bit grilled

at 21.00 - Festival production


Tuesday, 13. 8.  

at 20.00 - Festival production

at 21.00 - Impro Masters  


Wednesday, 14. 8.  

at 21.00 - Big Bend

at 23.00 - Informal program: Impro couples



This year, Kamfest's cinema gave a thousand-year-old monastic building to the musical vibrations, and will follow the main part of the events. When children leave the Main Market, it will partially change its intended purpose. Among the mighty buildings that Plečnik himself helped to mold their image, its space will be filled with movie canvas, and in front of it, all the lovers of moving pictures.

The film part of the festival certainly offers enough reasons not to go home after returning from any of the venues. Our longtime and indispensable co-producers from the Domžale Municipal Theater also prepared a program this year to satisfy everyone. Whether you are going to spend movie evenings, watching movies from a chair or from a nearby café, it's completely up to you - there will be enough choice.

from 12 to 16 August at 21.15 on the Main Square

Monday, August 12th: ne bom več luzerka , a comedy drama

director: Urša Menart / play: Eva Jesenovec, Živa Selan, Saša Pavček, Branko Završan, Špela Rozin, Jurij Drevenšek, Lara Vouk, Timon Šturbej, Aljaž Jovanović, Matic Lukšič / 2018, Slovenia / distribution: Cinemania / 88'

29-year-old Špela graduated in art history, which means she has never had a regular job. Unlike her best friends who moved away from Slovenia a few years ago and do not intend to return, Špela stubbornly insists she will remain in Ljubljana.


Tuesday, August 13th: Comic Sans, comedy

director: Nevio Marasović / play: Janko Popović Volarić, Zlatko Burić, Nataša Janjić, Alma Prica, Inti Šraj, Miha Rodman, Jette Ostan Vejrup, Tanja Ribič, Domen Valič / 2018, Croatia / distribution: 2i film / 103'

Alan desires to save a complicated relationship he has with his girlfriend, but it all ends with an emotional breakdown. His worried mother forced him to join his estranged and eccentric father on the way to the island of Vis, where they must organize the funeral of a deceased aunt.


Wednesday, August 14th: The Dead do not Die, zombie comedy

The Dead Do not Die / directed by Jim Jarmusch / by Billy Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Chloe Sevigny, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, Rosie Perez, Iggy Pop, Selena Gomez / 2019, USA / distribution:

In Centerville, something is wrong. A full moon hangs over the horizon, the sun becomes unpredictable, and the animals also behave strangely. When you already thought that you saw everything, Jim Jarmusch makes a dark apocalyptic zombie comedy, surrounded by ecological topics, and inspire with its distinctive blend of melancholy and freakish humor.  


Thursday, August 15th: Green Book, Comedy Drama

Green Book / directed by Peter Farrelly / played by: Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini, Sebastian Maniscalco, Dimitar D. Marinov, Mike Hatton, PJ Byrne, Joe Cortese / 2018, USA / distribution: Cinemania / 130 '

A coloured pianist dr. Don Shirley in the 1960s, hires an untested voyager Tony Lipp as a driver on a concert tour from Manhattan to the deeper South South. In order to make it easier to find a way between the institutions that are safe for coloured people, they are led by the Green Book.


Friday, August 16th: Gaja's world, a youth romantic comedy

director: Peter Bratuša / play: Tara Milharčič, Neža Smolinsky, Anže Gorenc, Sebastian Cavazza, Ajda Smrekar, Primož Pirnat, Miha Brajnik, Natasa Barbara Gračner, Jana Zupančič / 2018, Slovenia / distribution: Karantanija / 89 '

Eleven-year-old Gaja lives with her father Peter and fourteen-year-old sister Tea. Gaja practices saxophone and likes to hang out with his best friend Matic, who is a computer genius, but is also an eternal victim of his more powerful classmates. Gaja, of course, is not stopped by anything, so she stands beside him at every step.

VAT program

Kamfest never runs out of events that enrich the program and fill it between tone exercises, preparing venues and finding a berth for cars. Value-adding events allow visitors to randomly and completely spontaneously discover the festival program or even become a part of it. Kamnik this year will become one large living room, filled with everything possible. It will be possible to hang out without television and enjoy the culture of living. A living library will be with you, in the middle of the city there will be a climbing wall and a football playground. You will be able to find even more...  




This year's Kamfest will serve with a strong visual program that will be inextricably linked to the musical events on the streets across Kamnik. The visual-musical program package VIEW through the MUSEUM into the GALLERY is prepared specifically for this year's edition of the festival and is not just a word play. We would like to enjoy the musical pleasures (d) by visiting three top art exhibitions at three Kamnik locations - the View Gallery, the Miha Maleš Gallery and the Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik. At each one of them, you will also be able to get to know the artists and talk to them.

Saturday, August 10, 2019 / VIEW

at 19.00 - Gallery View: opening of exhibition Miha Erič: Views

at 19.30 - Main square: Duo Aritmija & Miha Erič

Pogledi v Pogledu: Miha Erić

Miha Erič is clearly one of the most prominent representatives of the Slovenian new generation graphics. In the Gallery View, he will present his recent works in the woodworking technique entitled Pogledi.

Monday, August 12, 2019 / MUSEUM

at 19.00 - Intermunicipal Museum Kamnik: opening of the exhibition Oliver Pilić: S.A.L.I.G.I.A., multi- dimensional layout

at 19.30 – lapidarium of the Zaprice Castle: Irena Tomažin: Crying Games, solo performance  

Coping with Baron Valvasor: Oliver Pilić

The more dimensional layout S.A.L.I.G.I.A. deals primarily with identity, morality and content or (non) content characteristics of the individual and its placement in the metaphorical and physical space. It is intertwined with the interweaving of modernity and history, and the opening of the space for interpretation.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 / GALLERY

at 19.00 - Gallery Miha Maleš: guide for the exhibition Under the scrutiny of the time, Saša Bučan and Dušan Sterle

at 20.30 - Monastery stage: Severa Gjurin & Dejan Lapanja and Uroš Rakovec

Pod drobnogledom časa: Saša Bučan with Dušan Sterle

The exhibition decently returns an artist to Kamnik. Sterle's artistic path is a kind of a business card, a chronicle of society and an individual, a gift of nature, and a strictly artistic technique for constant wanderings, enthusiasm for experimentation and constant unwillingness to record their own and wider social life.


Nina Koželj: Zelena milja

The increasing passivity of visitors to fine arts is boring, so Koželj in the latest project with the working title Zelena Milja examines the physical - that is, the uncontrollable reactions of visitors to the artistic layout.

About a year ago, she presented a pilot project that triggered the physical response of the observer - as a result of the sculpture that triggered physical crying in the visitor (SOS project, Kresija Gallery, 2018). Satisfaction.

It seems that Koželj's art abuses for torturing people. Which situations are universally unpleasant? What happens to them in the gallery? What attitude does the observer develop towards them?