FROM 7 TO 15 AUGUST 2020


In front of you is the programme of the Festival Kamfest.

Please also read the instructions for using the festival, which can be found at the bottom of the page.
Due to NIJZ restrictions, the number of seats at all venues is limited, so advance booking is recommended.



It is hard to imagine Kamfest without concerts and an incredible festival atmosphere that takes over Kamnik for a good week. An integral part of the festival has become a fair, which has been produced throughout many years by Diversity - express yourself. The fair returns to its old, original location. Once again, the Main square all the way to the Samčev tunnel will be decorated with tables full of unique products, which, in addition to precise workmanship, also carry exceptional stories.

Before you go to one of the concerts or treat yourself to a hard-earned beer, take a look at interesting products from friendly sellers. You don't have to go to Umag to find something for yourself or to pour out your heart to your chosen one. You can walk around the fair every day of the festival from 17:00 onwards.

every festival day from 17:00 to 23:00



The children’s stage will change its venue again this year. It won't cross the threshold of Keršmančev park again, but it will find its place in another toewn park, in the very center of the town. The cobblestones of the Main Square will be replaced by the soft base of Park Evropa, where it will be possible to lick some ice cream and watch a great show. And there is shadow.

The festival, which is created for all structures of the population, always thinks of the youngest, who therefore like to return to Kamfest every year. As usual, the Children's Stage marks the beginning of the festival. Before the other venues wake up from the afternoon siesta and music in various forms echoes around the city, the youngest ones will have fun in the middle of the town and curiously follow what the festival has prepared for them this time.

From six in the evening (somewhere on the border between afternoon and evening), the stage will host performances that delight the youngest and a little less young. For a start, we will stare at the sky together with the mole Zlatko and wait for the poop, and still under the impression we will look for letters in the park the next day so that we can press the dot on the i. The end of the weekend will be sea-inspired, as we will be hoping for the Last Catch with the fishermen. From the right pocket we will pull Pehtra's pillow and delicious dishes of chef Nos. We will be visited by a clown and a gray-bearded lion, maybe you will be enchanted or you will be moving alongside with PK Modum in your seats.

every day at 18:00 in Park Evropa

     Friday, 7 August / Lutkovno gledališče Fru-Fru: Krtek Zlatko, puppet performance
One sunny morning, the mole Zlatko crawled out of his molehills and looked up at the sky to see what the weather would be like. That's when it happened. It was soft and round like a sausage and it landed right on his head. »Who pooped on my head?« cried Zlatko angrily. But short-sighted as he was, he didn't see anyone …





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     Saturday, 8 August / Hiša otrok in umetnosti: To ni pika!, puppet performance
The boy and the girl play with the letters to assemble their names. But when they accidentally spell the word POK, all their letters are shattered. They soon find something round – is it a bicycle, maybe a ball or a soap bubble? No, it is O, the letter O. They realize there are letters all around us, every object can be a letter and any letter can be an object. While playing with objects, they discover new letters and travel with them between the lands of the letters, where each lives in its own way.





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     Sunday, 9 August / Gledališče Ane Monró: Zadnji ulov, interactive ecological performance
Is the last fish already swimming in the sea? Is it a gilthead sea bream? Maybe a sea bass or a mullet? And what to do with it when we catch it: bake it and eat it, stuff it and hang it, or send it as a gift to the gods of the sea? The interactive show The Last Catch (Zadnji ulov) with actors on stilts, great music, and attractive costumes, props, and stage elements (a real fishing boat, a big doll) made of recycled waste materials, interprets in a fun way the burning problem of total fishing and increasing pollution of the seas with waste plastics. It raises awareness of this issue, which affects all of humanity and the entire planet – whether we are aware of it or not.





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     Monday, 10 August / Gledališče iz desnega žepka: Gospa Pehtra, puppet performance
There lived a widow who had two daughters. The first was hardworking and beautiful, and the second lazy and ugly. But the widow preferred the lazy one because she was her real daughter. Therefore, the hard-working girl had to do heavy housework and spinning every day, while the lazy girl rested and sweetened herself with jam. One day, the hardworking girl drops a ball of wool into a well. When she tries to pull it out, she falls into it herself and finds herself in the world of Lady Pehtra.





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     Tuesday, 11 August / Zavod Bufeto & Ex-teater: Lev s sivo brado, circus-musical-theatrical performance
The Lion with the Gray Beard (Lev s sivo brado) is the story of a circus lion who was admired by the audience in his youth for his physical abilities, but with age comes a time to pause and reflect. The intertwining of traditions and creative experiences, the maturity of the mind and creative power in the face of bodily limitations. Where does the mind overcome bodily limitations conditioned by age, what is the difference between youthful whirlwind and the experience of adulthood, where is the line between sentimentality and a deep sense of the world, between behavior and wisdom, between intuition and empiricism? The play is based on the motifs of the short story of the same name by the Italian writer Tonino Guerra.





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     Wednesday, 12 August / Gledališče iz desnega žepka: Palček Nos, puppet performance 
The arrogance of the beautiful Jakob is punished. He has to serve the Herbal Witch for seven years and during that time he becomes a great cook. But the sentence is not served. The Witch turns him into a dwarf with a long nose and sends him out into the world. JaKob becomes the duke’s head chef and realizes that knowledge and heart are more important than good looks.





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     Thursday, 13 August / Čarovnik Sam Sebastian: Hokus Pokus Cirkus, an interactive magic show
The children's magic show thoughtfully encourages the child's active observation and response, imagination, cooperation, logical cognitive thinking, and public speaking. It does this through a journey into a magical fantasy world full of incredible magic and funny comic plots.





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     Friday, 14 August / Plesni klub Modum, dance performance
The dancers continue the dance story barely a year old. Behind them is a successful season in which they managed to impress quite a few young people. They will introduce themselves to us in the performance with a variety of dance styles such as breaking, jazz ballet and hip hop. The ones dancing will be their new dancers, and the coaches and their long-term protégés will provide additional entertainment.





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     Saturday, 15 August / Zavod Bufeto: Mini cirkus Bufeto, circus performance
Through joint adventures, two clowns weave a fun relationship in which they play together, create and pass on unforgettable experiences. They compete, tease, cooperate, help each other. In the end, they find that friendship is the most important thing.





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Kamfest is coming back even in times when we socialize in public on a meter and a half of distance. Somewhere where Maks Samec was digging his tunnel, a stone's throw away from Veronika's barrels and almost just below the new viewing platform (well, not exactly right below), the Town Stage (Mestni oder) will once again invite into its bosom this year. If it was standing in front of the Veronika café last year, this year it will jump over the fence and hide behind it in the spirit of 2020. But he still vehemently insists.

The programme of the stage will be lively and very popular. It will offer a typical Kamfest relationship between the antiquity of the town centre and the modernity of the musical landscapes. Anyone who comes to the former gymnasium of Kamnik gymnasts will surely tighten their earlobes and return satisfied a day later.

This place certainly deserves your attention, as it will host big and bigger names of the Slovenian music scene. For starters, we’ll say something about a roll of paper with Adi Smolar, and on Saturday night with Fed Horses about horses and other alternative things. The first weekend will end with the former Kameleon and old acquaintance of MMS Tulio Furlanič, who will bring the feeling of narrow coastal streets and the smell of freshly baked sea bream with Anita.

We will start the week acoustically with the Ante Upedanten banda, continue with pop rocker Jure Lesar, and in the middle of the week Janez Škof will take the stage behind Veronika. In his own way, he will present the musical image of domestic canonized poetry, Moonlight Sky will later ennoble the moonlit sky in a jazz way. The second Friday evening of the festival will be spiced with Slovenian ethno, and at the end with a derivative of Terrafolk – Terra POP. In short, if you don’t come to this stage, you’ll miss some antiviral virtues, even though at 1.5 meters.

Also this year, we will ask you for an entrance fee at some events. For so called »festival tolar«, which we see as a matter that enables the growth of the quality of the festival and not so much as a nostalgia for the former currency; it is more about support and contribution. This time we will check the tickets (contactless and remote, of course!) at the entrance to the Town Stage venue.

every day at 20:00 behind Veronika Café (Kavarna Veronika)

     Friday, 7 August / Adi Smolar *

For almost four decades, Adi Smolar has been bringing life truths with his songs, with which he cheers, draws attention to problems and comforts. He addresses listeners of all generations with the sincerity, humor and seeming simplicity of his texts, from which we can extract many life wisdoms. In his long musical career, he has received numerous awards for his work from both the public and the professionals, and has indelibly written himself in the hearts of Slovenian listeners. Despite realization that our world possesses an abundance of injustice and bitterness, he maintains a positive attitude toward people and the world. This positivism is especially evident in his concerts, when he announces his songs and equips them with witty prefaces.






     Saturday, 8 August / Fed Horses *
After several years, the Logatec arsenal of musicians has settled into the group Fed Horses, whose sound has long been drawing attention to the Slovenian music scene with its folk melodies, an interesting approach to country music and a radio-polished sound image. At the concerts, they play original songs, which in a unique way flirt with country music, to which they stick the influences of Americana, indie and pop, thus faithfully approaching the examples from the other side of the pond. In recent years, they have focused mainly on episodic but perfect singles releases, while in 2018, the song Sinner from the EP of the same name became the second most frequently played song on Val 202.





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     Sunday, 9 August / Tulio Furlanič *
The drummer, locksmith and singer from the coast is undoubtedly a musical legend in the Slovenian music scene. He left an indelible mark by playing in the group Kameleoni, and later found his place abroad. In addition to constant concerts, tours, and countless sleepless evenings, he returned home after almost three decades and joined the timeless Faraoni. Later, together with Danilo Kocjančič, he founded the group Halo and became the author of several hits, among them the most famous Anita ni nikoli. This time he will be joined on stage by his music colleague, keyboardist Marino Legovič.





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     Monday, 10 August / Ante Upedanten banda *
Ante Upedanten banda is an acoustic version of the group Ana Pupedan in which they play compositions of all possible musical genres with old acoustic instruments. They prefer to dedicate themselves to original music, which is a skilful mix of different musical genres and flirts with rock, punk, jazz, blues, reggae, hippie and more. Nevertheless, in all these years, the band has managed to capture its own sound, which gives them an identity like few other domestic bands have.





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     Tuesday, 11 August / Jure Lesar *
Jure Lesar was already a creative and driving force with the Eskobars, with whom he released two top albums entitled Eskobars and Ni dovolj. He later decided to go solo and created his first solo album Earth Son. With the help of a band consisting of Denis Horvat (multi-instrumentalist), David Morgan (drums), Luka Mrdakovič (bass) and Jan Fanedl (guitar), a new story of friendship and music was created, which is reflected with strong energy on stage. The importance of the diversity of individuals, the hope and salvation of a man going through dark periods, resonates in the clear message with which the author connects the listener with his world.





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     Wednesday, 12 August / Janez Škof *
Janez Škof is one of the best Slovenian actors, and for his long-term acting work he received the Borštnik Ring for Lifetime Achievement (Borštnikov prstan za življenjsko delo) last year. The characteristic voice and the atypical sound of the »frajtonarca« are a recognizable sign of the Čompa ensemble. Their music skillfully avoids well-known musical paths with their own »lumpenproletariat« music. This time, Škof will bring us the poetry of Dane Zajc, Milan Jesih and others in an exceptional and unique way.





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     Thursday, 13 August / Moonlight Sky *
The Slovenian fusion group Moonlight Sky consists of four top musicians, Miha Petric, Janez Moder, Žiga Kožar and Jan Sever, who are also composers and arrangers. Their music is an intertwining of jazz freedom with lively energy, and they are connected by the group's love for more complex rhythmic and melodic elements. Their rich musical path is adorned by numerous performances at the Klub Cankarjev dom, concerts at the SNG Drama in Ljubljana, a series of performances in Austria and many others.





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     Friday, 14 August / Bakalina Velika *
First there was the duet of Jani Kutin and Renata Lapanja, which flew through simple and pleasant ethno music with the scent of folk songs. Bakalina Velika grew out of this duet, which now includes Samo Kutin, Dejan Lapanja, Matej Magajne, Marjan Stanić and Andrea Pandolfo. In a musical adventure that takes the listener from hidden corners of ancient caves to Tolmin peaks, the abundance of experimental, eclectic sounds and instrumentation is thoughtfully combined with Jani's stories, which are more vivid and intimate than ever before.





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     Saturday, 15 August / Terra POP *
Some remember Terra Mystica, some are nostalgic for any of the Terrafolk bands. Terra POP is a fresh performance of adaptations of classics of mostly English-speaking pop music. Grounded in 2020, 20 years after the first meeting of the Terrafolk trio in the courthouse at the Lent Festival.





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* Entry fee 5 EUR
Tickets are available at and points of sale in the system.




Kamnik is fine and has seen and experienced a lot in its centuries-old history. From a mammoth to Veronica's thighs. From the bare feet of the emperor to the freshly printed infamous Cankar's Erotika. It experienced the flourishing of factories and their sad collapse. But for the most part, this collapse only happened on the inside, on the outside remains a wall that has fortunately been filled in a variety of ways in recent years. Also thanks to Kamfest.

Discovering abandoned, as yet unknown corners of Kamnik, the town's cultural festival has this in its blood. Starting with Keršmančev park, the Kamfest refreshment of urban spaces continued in Katzenberg, and this year it was the turn of Barutana – the building of the former locksmithing.

Thus, at this year's edition, the Creative District Barutana will present its beginnings. Based on the idea presented to Ljubljana's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture, the space of unimaginable potential will proudly open its doors and show all visitors what it will offer Kamnik and its wider surroundings in the not-so-distant future. Connecting existing organizations in the field of culture, youth, entrepreneurship and other non-governmental organizations in a common place inside of the former gunpowder mill thus establishes the missing and much-needed production centre. An accessible and safe space to create new programme will already dispel the myth of molded public sector and take a step towards a wonderful new world.

The eight festival evenings will be filled with a mixed programme, that fits perfectly to the venue where the cream of mostly local (artistic) creativity will take care of the enjoyment. From an overture with a poetic clash that will swim among the goldfish of Kotlovnica's FSVP, to an evening of true stories, a sort of seeder of urban legends. Towards the second half, it will be time for the predominantly musical range of the programme. With X.U.L and Amaia, we will move on to string sliding on strings and treat ourselves to an evening of laughter at the stand-up, which finds its way to Kamfest every year. On Thursday, Jani Kovačič will elevate those gathered to musical heights, and at the end we will witness the sound-movement exploration of individual artistic expression.

So prepare several different wardrobes, as changing from one day to the next will be a must!

from 7 to 14 August at 20:30 on stage of KČ Barutana

     Friday, 7 August / PestBesed, an evening of slam poetry
PestBesed is an event that seeks to establish the West’s already well-known evenings of slam poetry. It is so-called urban, underground poetry, especially socially critical and satirical, although verses of all kinds appear on stage. Poets of all kinds strive for the most innovative and experienced interpretation of authorial poetry, and their artistic persuasiveness is judged by all those gathered.





Reservation of free seats.

     Saturday, 8 August / Projekcija nagrajenih del Festivala svobodne video produkcije, movie night
In February this year, the 7th Festival of Free Video Production (FSVP) took place at Youth Centre Kotlovnica. Of the 53 received, 39 selected video works were shown at the festival screening. The festival is not defined by genre, but in addition to the content, it is also looking for surpluses in the use of production techniques and methods of making video works, the development of video production and the sharing of experiences. At the end of the festival, the expert commission awarded four awards to outstanding works that will be presented at Kamfest.





Reservation of free seats.

     Sunday, 9 August / Večer resničnih zgodb, storytelling
In Kamnik, the storytelling flourished because of festivals. Many years ago, Kamfest showed what can be done with storytelling, and the Križnik Festival soon after became one of the most important festivals in Slovenia. As we all keep our fists up for the Križnik Festival to happen in September, Kamfest invites you to an evening of true stories. This is a fast-developing version of storytelling that, unlike the fairytales, is based on real events that the narrator really experienced.





Reservation of free seats.

     Monday, 10 August / X.U.L in Amaia Bidêan (ESP), minimalism/experimental electronic
X.U.L (Gašper Selko) explores the unique interactions between music and its listeners by combining contemporary classics with elements of minimalism and experimental electronic music. Music is an important part of his life, as everything he listens to, creates, and plays is a reflection of himself – he has shaped himself through the energy of metal, the perfection of classical music, the freedom of jazz and the diversity of folk and ethno music.

While volunteering in Kamnik, Amaia Villanueva discovered that she can also compose – mostly in Spanish, but also in English. Using her voice and guitar, she sings about her experiences, travels, love of nature… and sometimes that voice lets out her inner beast.





Reservation of free seats.

     Tuesday, 11 August / Fiddle Gang Jam, gourmet acoustic sound
An audiophile exhibition of musical travels that teleports you among Scandinavians, Balkans, Roma, Flemings, Celts, etc. This time, the band will also consist of the pioneers of the first Godalkanje, who first met 10 years ago at Kamfest and began writing an internationally acclaimed story. This is not a classic concert, but the joy of listening is a must, and put any expectations in front of the checkpoint, otherwise they will be confiscated!





Reservation of free seats.

     Wednesday, 12 August / Kamniška komična klapa in Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama, stand-up
The evening of the new wave of Kamnik stand-upers will infect you (with laughter) and prepare the ground for a relaxed evening full of abdominal pain. Gregor Skok, Jan David Kljenak, Matija Grkman, and the living legend Boštjan Gorenc – Pižama will perform, they will be helped by Andrej Podbevšek's mustache.






     Thursday, 13 August / Jani Kovačič, a rebellious poet
Since there have been no performances lately, the experienced classic Jani Kovačič had to adapt to e-communication. This is how these pieces were created. And many other things happened, but in order not to be forgotten, everything merged in songs. Choruses are like problems – contagious. So no moralizing – optimism for every day!





Reservation of free seats.

     Friday, 14 August / Inner Voice – Notranji glas, sound-movement performance
Inner voice is a continuation of the sound and movement exploration of individual expression, with which the artists presented themselves for the first time in the play Laliá by Neža Blažič. This time, together with Tanita Rose and Ajda Špacapan, they focus on the importance of the inner voice and its separation in relation to the body and the environment.





Reservation of free seats.



In recent years, the festival has not passed without the seventh art, and the film screen has thus become anchored in the Kamfest programme. This year will be no different. Last year, the cinema followed the bulk of the events and appeared in the middle of the Main Square, and this year it returns to the thousand-year-old walls of the Mekinje monastery, which will hospitably open its doors again and attract all lovers of moving images.

If you want to see a good film during the festival (especially the award-winning one) and you are not musically inspired in the evenings, the film part of the festival offers four great reasons to jump to Mekinje and discover a bit of monastic mystery through the festival glasses. Our long-standing and indispensable co-producers from the Mestni kino Domžale have once again prepared a programme that will satisfy all tastes and expand many pupils.

from 9 to 12 August at 20:30 at Mekinje monastery

     Sunday, 9 August / Ne pozabi dihati, drama
directed by: Martin Turk / starring: Tine Ugrin, Matija Valant, Iva Krajnc, Klara Kuk / 2019, Slovenia, Italy / 97’
     Klemen grows up with his older brother Peter and a single mother in a small town in a remote countryside. The busy everyday life, that Klemen likes to spend with his adored brother on the tennis court and by the nearby river, breaks after Peter's sudden, passionate love affair with his beautiful peer Sonja, which triggers a surge of conflicting emotions and reckless actions in Klemen.





Reservation of free seats.

     Monday, 10 August / Gisaengchung (Parazit), comic drama, thriller
directed by: Bong Joon-ho / starring: Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-shik / 2019, South Korea / 131’
     Members of the Ki-taek family are closely connected, but all four are unemployed and their future is not exactly promising. One day, however, Ki-woo’s son, on a friend’s recommendation, gets a well-paid job as a private instructor with the Park family. A wonderfully unpredictable family tragicomedy about the inevitable conflict between those who have and those who don’t.





Reservation of free seats.

     Tuesday, 11 August / Celle que vous croyez (Moj najboljši profil), drama
directed by: Safy Nebbou / starring: Juliette Binoche, François Civil, Nicole Garcia, Guillaume Gouix / 2019, France / 101’
     Fifty-year-old Claire, a lecturer in comparative literature, creates a fake profile on Facebook to spy on her young lover Ludo. Under the false identity of Clara, an attractive twenty-four-year-old, she becomes entangled in a conversation with Ludo’s friend Alex. The young man is completely enchanted by her and Claire soon falls head over heels in love with him. The real world is increasingly receding, and Claire is becoming a prisoner of her virtual personality.





Reservation of free seats.

     Wednesday, 12 August / Vechtmeisje (Kickbokserka), youth film
directed by: Johan Timmers / starring: Aiko Beemsterboer, Noa Farinum, Imanuelle Grives, Bas Keizer / 2018, The Netherlands, Belgium / 84’
     Bo is a hot-blooded twelve-year-old. As her parents separate, she moves with her mother and brother Dani to a suburb of Amsterdam, where she discovers a kickboxing club in the neighborhood. Bo is talented for the new sport and could soon compete in the Dutch Championships, but her parents' separation weighs heavily on her and her worries put her performance in the Championships at stake.





Reservation of free seats.



The evening stage has acquired a somewhat schizophrenic character in all the years of Kamfest. It changes its location every few years, settles there for a while, and then sometimes even disappears, but then reappears. Maybe it even suits his nature, since the stage, that is the most rebellious and traditionally the loudest, is almost such an enfant terrible; in the best sense of the word, make no mistake.

At dusk, Park Evropa will change its purpose and offer shelter to anyone who wants to see something fresh, for some as yet unseen and unheard of. Eight evenings of multi-genre replay and occasional roar will be filled with the power and colorfulness of the sound, inviting you not to go home and throw yourself on the couch in front of the TV. It basically wants you to completely forget about TV and Odmevi. Well, there are repetitions.

For starters, we’re going to join forces with KUL petki because it is really not appropriate to go home hungry, especially if dixie is on the agenda. The next day we will pamper you with jazzy Pantaloons, and in a good 20 hours with fusion Pijammies. If we watched them on the stream from Kino Šiška in pajamas from home, this time we can listen to them live. Last year's discovery of Mobilc is coming back this year – Drajnarjuva vampa will impress you and make you think with their chansons. Bombyx Lori will combine their electronic powers with tetameta, and on Wednesday we will take a look at the cosmic electric landscape through the museum. Before we say čao to the Evening Stage on Friday at another festival's KUL petek, we will shout Čao Portorož one night earlier after a rock’n’roll frenzy. See you, right?

from 7 to 14 August at 21:00 at Park Evropa

     Friday, 7 August / KUL petek: Prijatelji Dixielanda *
KUL petek returned to Park Evropa, combining excellent culinary creations of local caterers in one place. All together, it is supported by good music, which allows visitors to socialize long into the night. Prijatelji Dixielanda will bring to Kamnik sounds beyond the sea, infused with the smell of the ports, barrels of whiskey, cigarette smoke and sweat. Traditional jazz or Dixieland, whose cradle is New Orleans, is the music of many traditions and cultures, from the African plains to spiritual tunes with the influences of the European space.





* The event is organized in cooperation with ZTŠKK and starts at 19:00.


     Saturday, 8 August / Pantaloons, »pleh« band
The »pleh« band called Pantaloons trio was formed within the Chili Brass Band. Their music smells of the performances of Balkan trumpeters with a touch of the youthful London jazz scene, spiced with the influences of jazz, funk, breakbeat, dubstep and more. As selected by Radio Študent, they had the opportunity to diversify the Slovenian music scene as part of the Klubski maraton, and in 2020, with the support of INES#talent 2020, they opened the season with a performance at the MENT festival.





Reservation of free seats.

     Sunday, 9 August / Pijammies, domestic funk-jazz megapower
Pijammies is without a doubt one of the sweetest domestic discoveries of recent years. The boys play a fusion of jazz, funk and fusion, which can be found in the sounds of the legendary Weather Report and the current Snarky Puppy. The skills of classical- and jazz-educated musicians are reflected in refined compositions, a fresh approach, and especially unwavering exploration. The eclecticism and exceptional rhythm of the band will leave you open-mouthed or rock you into a dance step.





Reservation of free seats.

     Monday, 10 August / Drajnarjuva vampa, socially critical chanson
Brothers Tomaž and Jernej Hostnik enriched their rich musical knowledge with a chanson approach to creating original music. From Tomaž's dialect texts peek humor, harsh social criticism, obscure folk metaphors, squeaky vocals, and melodic imaginations that reveal the masterful storytelling.





Reservation of free seats.

     Tuesday, 11 August / Bombyx Lori in tetameta, atmospheric electronics
Academic aliens Bombyx Lori entered the Slovenian music scene for the first time with the single Alien, which announced their debut Little Gifts from the Universe, released in 2019. Later they released their first single in Slovenian Gozd and an adaptation of the cult song September by Melodrom. The duo, who otherwise comes from classical music, carefully wrapped their common musical delusions in a unique form of art-pop.

Patricia Arh is a local artist who creates electronic music under the stage name tetameta with an emphasized melancholic note of the ambient. The multi-layered songs of the synthesizers evoke images of futuristic landscapes, while the more sensual segments seem already familiar, like memories of childhood.





Reservation of free seats.

     Wednesday, 12 August / Bowrain & KALU – Not Exactly Lost, world electronic
Musician Bowrain and versatile artist KALU have been collaborating together on various music and art projects for almost a decade. The project Not Exactly Lost was premiered in 2016 as part of the Beli Šum concert series in Maribor. After 4 years of hiatus, the two musicians decided to revive their collaboration and recently performed at the Praznik Glasbe event in Ljubljana. In 2020, they plan to release an album of the same name.

By choice of Festival SONICA / Kud MoTA.

The event is organized in cooperation with Medobčinski muzej Kamnik.





Reservation of free seats.

     Thursday, 13 August / Čao Portorož, wild rock’n’roll
This teasing band greets us with a new, third album POP. They added electronic twists to the frantic rock’n’roll and sweetness of indie rock, dictated by the decisive beats of the rhythm machine and the infectious synth lines. Alter rock of the 90s continues to run through the veins; the euphoria is raised by characteristic, multilingual vocal exclamations, and in their punk stance the old-school yugo temperament is still felt. From Portorož across the Balkans, the wider region and beyond – čao is understood everywhere.





Reservation of free seats.

     Friday, 14 August / KUL petek: Ugo & Buh *
The second Friday of Kamfest will also be marked by food and drink in Park Evropa. And music of course. The venue is nice, so is the offer, and this is a good recipe to enter the penultimate day of the festival in the company of first-class flavors, musical rhythms and other visitors.




* The event is organized in cooperation with ZTŠKK and starts at 19:00.



When Valvasor drew the Zaprice Castle towards the end of the seventeenth century, he probably did not think that a museum would develop in this place less than four hundred years later (even if we told him what it was, it would probably not be entirely clear to him), containing even his artifacts. Even less did he imagine that something what people today call a festival happens on this hill from time to time.

The lapidarium of Zaprice Castle has served as one of the occasional venues for the festival in recent years, and in its seventeenth edition it will once again become one of the permanent stages. Together with the Medobčinski muzej Kamnik, the organizer prepared a program with a slightly more (let's say) serious touch. So if the slope doesn't cause you too many problems, you are really nicely invited to take a walk to Zaprice and enjoy terribly good things that will invigorate your spirit.

With lavish ambient musical vibes, we will navigate between old music and modern jazz expression. On Monday, Gospod predsednik will visit us, and later in the week, the sound senses will vibrate at the Duo Mori & Ofak concert and flutist music, which will end with a musical exploration of Duo Ponte.

from 8 to 13 August at 21:00 at the lapidarium of Zaprice Castle

     Friday, 7 August / Musica Aeterna: Cappella Justinopolitana, old music
Cappella Justinopolitana is an ensemble that performs old music from Slovenian Istria. The founder of the ensemble is Marino Kranjac, a musician who dedicates himself with zeal to searching for the past of Istrian music. He started with the folk genre, but the path of restoring musical practices leads him back to the medieval and renaissance culture of the Istrian and wider Mediterranean area. In the ensemble, he brought together young musicians from his environment who play with authentic replicas of historical instruments.

The event is organized in cooperation with JSKD OI Kamnik.





Reservation of free seats.

     Saturday, 8 August / Aleksandra Čermelj & Gregor Ftičar Duo, jazz
The duo of Aleksandra Čermelj and Gregor Ftičar is the result of many years of cooperation and friendship between the two musicians, which dates back a decade. Both trained in jazz benches and with open ears to other genres. The dance of the voice with the piano, the intertwining of one's own compositions with foreign ones, the improvisation of the moment and the communication above the words – everything calls for a unique evening. In two.





Reservation of free seats.

     Sunday, 9 August / Žiga Čamernik: Gospod predsednik, monocomedy
Would you like to know what a mix of Jesus Christ, Hamlet, Goethe, Dragotin Kette, and maybe someone else looks like? Such a person is more than just an ordinary authority. He is a modern-day messiah and a subject, for whom everyone supposes he knows. There is no steam under the sun in the persuasiveness of his address, and most likely not in the entire galaxy. See for yourself.





Reservation of free seats.

     Monday, 10 August / Duo Mori & Ofak, world music
In the decades of joint creation, a synergy has developed between two people of Dravograd, Mori and Ofak, which gives them a unique and recognizable musical expression. The latter is carefully nurtured, developed and upgraded, while complementing each other. Foreign media describe their compositions as poetic music of the world, as they intertwine serenity, joy, connection, and timelessness. Although the works are instrumental, while listening, the audience feels stories about nature, friendship, love, and distant worlds that approach through the beauty of music and touch every listener.

The event is organized in cooperation with Medobčinski muzej Kamnik.





Reservation of free seats.

     Tuesday, 11 August / MG Flautet, classical music
As a rule, flutes are that section of the band that is always the first in rehearsals, where each member practices all the flutist parts. Just in case. And the ones from the oboe. And all small prints of clarinets, saxophones and trumpets. This time, the lapidarium of Zaprice Castle will be turned into a time machine. The woodwind unit of the Mengeš Band under the name MG Flautet will take us there and across the music line with the sounds of overtures from the Il barbiere di Siviglia to Die Fledermaus and newer musicals and cartoons.





Reservation of free seats.

     Wednesday, 12 August / Duo Ponte, world music
Duo Ponte is a contact of musicians who, through their own interpretations, try to overcome the distances between the cultures of the European south from east to west and beyond, all the way to the New World. Singer Alja Petric and guitarist Damjan Stanišić joined the duet in exploring the musical tradition of diverse cultures around the world. The roots of the band Duo Ponte go back to 2014, when the musicians combined ideas and presented their collaboration at the first concerts. Since then, they have been actively performing on many Slovenian and foreign stages. With unique authorial arrangements, they created their own artistic expression.

The event is organized in cooperation with Medobčinski muzej Kamnik.





Reservation of free seats.



In addition to the regular program at official venues, Kamfest always also offers events that are in some way related to the festival itself. These are usually additional events of various festival co-producers, who themselves or in co-production with Kamfest prepare various surprises that strengthen the festival, popularize it, and mostly raise the professional or artistic level.

You will once again be served with a strong art program. Part of this will again be inextricably linked to the musical events that are being created together with the central museological institution in Kamnik. We will peek through the museum into the Miha Maleš Gallery, and in between we will also go to Pogled.

     Friday, 7 August, and Saturday, 8 August, from 12:00 to 20:00
Polona Lovšin, viewing of the exhibition of illustrations and snapshots from the quarantine in the Pogled Gallery (Galerija Pogled).





     Tuesday, 11 August, at 20:00
Žarko Vrezec: zaRIski, exhibition opening in the Pogled Gallery (Galerija Pogled).





     Tuesday, 11 August, at 21:00
Duo Mori & Ofak, 
concert at the Zaprice Stage (Oder Zaprice).

     Wednesday, 12 August, at 21:00
Bowrain feat. KALU, 
concert of improvised music chosen by the festival SONICA at the Evening Stage (Večerni oder).

     Thursday, 13 August, at 19:00
Klementina Golija: More than a View,
 conversation of Saša Bučan with Klementina Golija at the exhibition opening in the Miha Maleš Gallery (Galerija Miha Maleš).





     Thursday, 13 August, at 21:00
Duo Ponte, concert at the Zaprice Stage (Oder Zaprice).

Ivan Mitrevski: Street exhibition of the comic book Volkulja Bela and the Magic Forest
     every festival day, 
wall next to the Creative District Barutana, Fužine 10, Kamnik
The environmentally and socially aware wolf Bela, who regularly addresses the readers of the local newspaper, is presented in the entire comic this time. The nearly thirty-meter-long reading installation will be available to readers until the end of August.

Dušan Letnar: Street exhibition of photographs from Barutana
     every festival day, wall next to the Creative District Barutana, Fužine 10, Kamnik
The mysteriously forbidden city, which has been stirring the spirits and imagination of locals since the mid-19th century, opened just under ten years ago. The result is a ruined garden and cultural landscape and a bunch of new stories, good and bad, that will unfold in the coming years. Dušan Letnar captured some important moments in his camera just in time.